January 2023 update

Update Electrical system

Its been six months since this season has begun and we have already made great improvements to the Blue Finger. As seen in our previous update we are improving our entire electrical system. This month the 3th year electrical students have realized our monitoringsystem. Our old monitoring system had some fundamental design faults. Because of that this year we have set the goal to build a new monitoring system that would have its own LTE modem. And these are the current results.

We are currently working on the network part of the monitoringsystem so stay tuned!


We are also eager to announce that we are invited to go to the Makers Festival in Zwolle. This is an event which is targeted to children. We are happy to let children see what the future of electric cars looks like and how they could help now and in the future.

We are doing this together with Celeracing and Switch2techniek. We are looking forward to work together building our stand for the Makers Festival and helping children learning about carbon neutral innovations.

This event will be held in Zwolle at the 18th of March 2023. If you are nearby and are interested you can sign up for free at the website of Makers Festival. We are looking forward seeing you there. (Dutch only, below you can see the invitation).

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