SEM 2018 update

Hello from hot and sunny London!

Driving on the track
Today is the first day of the race so we want to update you on how everything goes!        So first things first, we arrived in London on Sunday evening, we build our camp for the coming week. On Monday we checked into the paddock and build this place up aswell.

Then on Tuesday technical inspection started, a little bit sooner than expected. But fortunately we were ready, within the day we were approved for the track, as first Dutch team this year!

Happy team after getting through Technical and Safety inspections
Wednesday was the first test day. We got in line early so we were the very first team who set wheels on the track. We did three runs and a total laps of 30 laps. Thursday we had the last two test possibilities, here we did 25 laps.  Everything went quite smoothly

Thursday was the first race day. With the experience of the previous days we were quite confident in our car and the outcome. The first heat was one to qualify and make sure that we are able to come back to the Shell Eco Marathon next year. For the second heat we made some alterations to the car, this paid of a little bit. Now we’re preparing for the last two heats.

Bringing the car from the paddock to the track
Car on track