About Us

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The Blue Racing Team consists of about twenty students from the University Windesheim, which is located in Zwolle. The students in the team have different educational backgrounds by studying different majors, such as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The Beginning
Thanks to Mr. Noordhuis in 2014, a professor in Mechanical Engineering, the idea to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon in 2015 was born.  No sooner said than done. With a plan and a design for the car, the team went for a search of sponsors.  This idea was a success, because students worked five days a week, starting from January 2015, to build the car and to qualify for the Urban Concept Hydrogen Car class of the Shell Eco-marathon.

Energy Efficient Racing
Shell Eco-marathon is one of the world’s most challenging student competitions in the field of innovation, technology and sustainability held annually in Europe, North and South America and Asia. It is not about the fastest car, but it is a race about who runs the most efficient one out of the 200 teams, which are participating.

In the past few years we have experimented with different ideas and techniques. We gained a lot of experience due to the different techniques used to build a hybrid or a hydrogen car. This year we combine the knowledge of past few years to build a car to win.

So, Blue Racing Team aims for victory in the race for sustainability!