We’re Back!

After a long vacation there is a new team ready to take on the challenge of completing the Bluefinger! While all hope on finishing the car was lost due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there were still some little things that could be done. In this post we will show you these little things, as well as the progress that has been made before the outbreak.

The biggest progress that has been made is connecting the different bodypanels in a more permanent way. We installed nine clamps that connect the three pieces together. This way the car can be disassembled with two people in a short amount of time. The second thing that has been done is the wheel wells in carbon fiber. These will be protecting the driver and the sensitive electronics. In this picture you can see the floor of the car. This panel is bolted to the frame. In addition to the carbon fiber wheel wells we installed some ventilation to keep the driver cool on a hot day.

The next picture shows the freshly installed windows, which are made of polycarbonate. This material is both lightweight and very safe in case of a crash. Our dashboard has been moved to the side, to allow for more visibility. The steering wheel is placed as low as possible for the same reason. This wheel is mounted to a quick release coupling, making getting in and out of the car a little bit easier and quicker.

This year we have plans to finish the car and test as much as possible. To finish the car there is still a lot of work that has to be done to be able to compete in the Shell Ecomarathon. For example, we need to mount mirrors, front and rear lights, a horn, windscreen wipers and a bunch of other little bits.

The new team consists of 2th and 3th year mechanical and electrical engineering students. We hope to give more information about the people behind this project and the different things they are goning to be working on in a future post. Of course we are gratefull for the sponsors we are able to have on this project. They give us a lot of information and parts that are used on the car. We have already made contact with some of these sponsors that have supported us last year, such as JENG and JODIWO.

We will inform you on the progress of the car on this site and our social media channels as much as possible. See you there!