Season 2022/2023

The Start of a New Season…

Welcome to the 2022/2023 season!

After not competing in the race over the last two years, we are excited to join the Shell Eco-marathon of 2023 again. We are ready to design, built and test drive one of the most fuel-efficient vehicle! And of course we will take you on this journey with us.

This year´s team has 25 members. We have four different educations in our group. These consist of eleven mechanical engineering students, six electrical engineering students, three technical business students, two communication students and three teachers. We are proud of our team and excited to work together to create and built a new energy-efficient car.

This is the Blue Racing Team of 2022/2023!

This year we are going to France again. The race is on the Paul-Armagnac circuit. This Circuit is 3636 meters long and it has 11 turns. We are really excited to race again this year and we will take you on this journey with us!

This season we are going to upgrade and improve our current car. In the past months we have already worked on our new steering wheel. We have also improved our light system in our car so it more robust and upgradable in the future. We have also enhanced our electrical safety system.

We are currently busy with researching the mechanical part of the car like carbon fiber rims. Also our electrical department is busy designing our datalogsystem and new motor controller which be more efficiënt then the current ones. We hope to show you more in future updates.

Safety system

  • Old safety system

Steering wheel

We have also been busy trying to get more attention form potential sponsors. And we are happy to welcome three new sponsors. Welcome Würth Elektronik, TinyTronics and Eleshop and thank you for helping us to achieve our goal this year.

Due to some new collaborations with two courses from Hogeschool Windesheim our website had not been updated. But we are happy to announce that we are going to update our website more frequent.