“Bedrijfsprojectweek” – February update

During the Windesheim “Bedrijfsprojectweek” or company project week, we worked fulltime on the Bluefinger, and here are the results:

The shell is almost completed with functioning doors and front window, we made incredible progress on our carbon fiber disk wheels, and the steering system has been almost completely rebuilt out of carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber shell

Prototyping foam cores for the carbon fiber disk wheels

Meet the new team

New year, new team!

With 14 2nd year students, the new Blue Racing Team aims to continue the previous team’s work. This year, we won’t only participate in the Shell Eco-marathon. We will also be the first in our class.

From left to right: Martijn, Dominic, Lukas, Lucien, Emiel, Aron, Roël, Marco, the other Marco, Sander, Jesse, Guido and Ewout



Bad news

Sadly we have to announce that the Blue racing team won’t be able to take part in the Shell Eco-marathon of 2019. To ensure the quality of the car and safety of our team we have decided to postpone our participation to the Shell Eco-marathon of 2020.

We concluded that it was too dangerous and too risky to finish the hull within the current time available.

We would like to thank our sponsors, and wish the best of luck to all teams participating in the Shell Eco-marathon of 2019.

See you next year!


Design – Blue finger

ontwerp nieuwe auto met blauw 2

We’re proud to present the design of our new car.


Past semester there have been a lot of developments within the Blue Racing Team. With the start of the new schoolyear (2018-2019) there is a start of a new team.

This year the team consists of 19 members, they are students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Product design and Technical Business Adminitration.

This year we’re building a new car with a good foundation en all of the knowledge of last year.

During the first semester a design has been made for the new car. The first part of production started in February. Of which we soon can show some pictures.

SEM 2018 update

Hello from hot and sunny London!

Driving on the track
Today is the first day of the race so we want to update you on how everything goes!        So first things first, we arrived in London on Sunday evening, we build our camp for the coming week. On Monday we checked into the paddock and build this place up aswell.

Then on Tuesday technical inspection started, a little bit sooner than expected. But fortunately we were ready, within the day we were approved for the track, as first Dutch team this year!

Happy team after getting through Technical and Safety inspections
Wednesday was the first test day. We got in line early so we were the very first team who set wheels on the track. We did three runs and a total laps of 30 laps. Thursday we had the last two test possibilities, here we did 25 laps.  Everything went quite smoothly

Thursday was the first race day. With the experience of the previous days we were quite confident in our car and the outcome. The first heat was one to qualify and make sure that we are able to come back to the Shell Eco Marathon next year. For the second heat we made some alterations to the car, this paid of a little bit. Now we’re preparing for the last two heats.

Bringing the car from the paddock to the track
Car on track

7 days to SEM

In a mere week we will be in London where we will compete for the most sustainable car in the Urban Concept, Battery Electric category.

In the last few weeks we did a lot of testing and finetuning on our Blue Bolt.

First of all, we got a new hoisting system, which makes it safer to get the car in and out of our workplace.


On June 8th we had a testing day in Lelystad with 5 other Dutch SEM teams. Unfortunately we could only drive 1 lap because of the rain. Here is some footage of that lap:

Green Team Twente was impressed by our car!
Greenteam met Blue Bolt

Last week and this week we did the last bit of finetuning on the car.


On May 31st we had an expo at our sponsor Provincie Overijssel.

Blue Bolt at Provincie Overijssel

On June 20th we had an expo at our sponsor Axxor.


On June 20th we were able to drive our car to the event itself. Making its first kilometers on the road.


Tonight we have our final endurance test after which we will start packing for London!

Testingday at Kartcircuit Pottendijk

This Monday we had the first test drives for the Blue Bolt 2.0 at Kartcircuit Pottendijk in Nieuw Weerdinge.

“Kartcircuit Pottendijk bedankt!’

We had the circuit al to ourselves to do some tests. We are very happy with results thusfar. Ofcourse we ran in to some issues but we are working hard to solving these problems.

Because our release is on Wednesday 23rd of May we cannot show any footage of the car. But we can show you these pictures:

A teaser of the car
“A little bit of the car”
"The drivers perspective"
“The drivers perspective”
"Loading up all supplies for the testday"
“Loading up all supplies for the testday”













We also received this years team clothing with all of our sponsor.

“Team clothing from shirts-bedrukken.nl”


Please stay tuned for the release of the Blue Bolt 2.0 next week!