Update Blue Bolt 2018

Past semester there have been a lot of developments within the Blue Racing Team. With the start of the new schoolyear (2017-2018) there is a start of a new team.

This year the team consists of 14 members, they are students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management.

The decision was made to start all over again this year, this means a totally new car in the category Urban Concept Battery Electric is designed.

During the first semester a design has been made for the new car in which controversial aspects have been included. The first part production started in February. Of this we would like to share a few pictures.


The Cardboard Hood



Brake pedal
The Brake Pedal
Brake parts
Brake part


Shortly the new frame will arrive, after which we can start to construct and assemble the car.

This year the Shell Eco Marathon will take place between July 5th until July the 8th in London. To be well prepared there will be different test days and we are going to the Shell Eco Marathon Challenger in France from May 29th until June 1st.

All in all, there is still enough activity around the Blue Racing Team of UAS Windesheim.

Updates coming soon.



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