Blue Racing Team stole the show at IndustrieTOP

On the 20th of April, The Blue Racing Team was present at 13012812_1714573145465452_4738813243647993243_n
the second edition of the IndustrieTOP Midden Nederland, which took place at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. Over 150 companies were present in the atrium for the ‘Smart Circularity’ theme. Blue Racing Team’s car, named ‘Blue Bolt’ for it’s elegant blue design, drew full attention. This was a great way to meet potential sponsors. In the weekend of Pentecost, Blue Racing Team will travel to Le Mans, France, to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon Challenger Event. Don’t want to miss a thing on the preparations for Le Mans? Like our Facebook page. Want to take part yourself next year? Click on Sign up!

To see the official post go to the Windesheim Homepage.

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